After you get licensed, the next step is to start contracting with the insurance carriers.  Follow the instructions below to being contracting.


Accept Gateway Invite

This will come in the form of an email and will be sent out from our contracting specialist or someone in your direct upline.


How to complete contracting:  Confirm your details.

After you begin the onboarding process, you will be required to complete your full profile.  Make sure you complete this accurately.


How to complete contracting:  Navigate & Register for SureLC

After you have finished onboarding into Gateway, you will no be able to login.  Login to Gateway and navigate to SureLC.  This is where we will begin submitting contracts.


How to complete contracting:  Complete Contracting Profile

Once you are logged into SureLC, there are a few things that need to be finished before you start submitting contracts.  Please complete all of the information with a red dot.


How to complete contracting:  Submitting Contracts to Carriers

After you have finished completed the required information on your contracting profile, go to the last required step, which is Contracting Requests.

During this stage, you will submit a contracting request with each carrier. You will go through another set of questionsk most of the date will be pre-populated from the profile you completed.

Submit a contract request for every carrier available.


After completion, all contracts should be “At BGA”. Check SureLC & your email for daily updates. While you are waiting for your contracts, START YOUR TRAINING!


  • Complete your SureLC profile and start contracting requests for the four carriers listed.
    • AIG
    • Americo
    • Mutual of Omaha
    • John Hancock
  • Make sure to get these carrier requests to “BGA Status”.  This allows our corporate office to send the contracts to the carriers.
  • It is ok to check LTC riders and other benefits even though we do FIXED LIFE.
  • A beneficiary is the person of whom you have selected to leave your residuals to after you pass.  No.  You are not submitting NEW business.
  • Once the contracting request goes to “Carrier Status”, you should start receiving writing numbers via email within ten days.
  • Check back to SureLC a few hours after submitting contracts to make sure any of the carriers do not have “at producer”.  If they do, there was a problem on your end.
  • Look for welcome emails from the carriers and keep your writing numbers in one place in addition to the welcome emails from each carrier.
  • It can take up to ten days for carrier approval.  We recommend calling after 72 business hours of submission to see if it was received.
  • All carrier requests will say “at carrier” even after they are processed and you have received a writing number.  These carriers do NOT report back to SureLC.  You will not be able to see the approval.


How to complete contracting:  Writing Numbers


When the contracts begin to reach the “At Carrier” status, you will start receiving emails with your writing numbers within ten days.  Please make sure the contracts do not say “At Producer” because it means additional information is required from you.  Track all of your writing numbers for each carrier.

Check SureLC and your email frequently.

Carriers may not update SureLC with your information.  For the fastest results, call each carrier after 72 business hours for updates.

After you have your agent numbers, log into the Gateway portal, select HCMS, and create new carrier requests for each carrier for whom you’ve received numbers.  This is where you will see additional carriers for whom you can request contracts with SureLC.


After you have updated your Agent Writing Numbers in HCMS and have applied for any other additional contracts, you are ready to start business!